There are several ways to increase your sales or at least to make people notice about your company, products, and services. Advertising is considered as the most powerful way to attract customers as well as to increase sales. Of course, you have to think about how to create a creative advertising so it looks different than your competitors. Remember! People have seen hundreds of ads today. Some of them are forgotten and some of them are remembered.

Creating Creative Sign or Branding

In some cases, your customers need to visit your official company or office. Of course, other than welcoming them, serving an interesting and easy to remember office will help the visitors to feel attracted with every aspect of your company. Adding signs, such as light box or neonbox, letter sign or letter box, or some indoor displays are some great ideas that you can use. It can be used to show more about your company as well as the products or services offered to the customers. Neon box or letters will make people notice about your building from afar. Meanwhile indoor displays can attract visitors who come to your office. Curiosity will lead them to be more excited to get to know more about your products or services. One-way sticker on your doors might also help to attract people’s attention. These kind of works are usually done by our Workshop 88 team.

Creating Creative Outdoor Placement

Outdoor advertisement is another way to make people remember about your products as well as your company. Make it as creative as you can. Outdoor placement is also various. Those are including billboard, vertical banner, LED billboards (videotron), and many others. As an event organizing company Surabaya, sometimes we also help with creative outdoor placement to promote the event. Our ROTE Creative team will help you for this.

Creating Creative Car Branding

Another type of promotion method that you can use is through a car branding. Yes, it is a specific car which is designed for promotion. All things related to your business including logo, latest products and services, as well as complete address are pasted on the body of the car. Of course, it needs strategy to make it effective. It is also a must to use high quality materials so it stands against the sunlight, dust, rain, or any kind of outdoor condition. For car branding, our team in Workshop 88 can also help you with that project. They have handled car branding project several times. With this branding strategy, the car will be turned into a moving exhibition booth to attract more people to become your customers.

Creating Creative Zeppelin

People need to see something unique and eye catching especially related to an advertisement. One of the easiest ways is by creating a creative 3D stereofoam. However, it is not really applicable in the outdoor. Another strategy is you can also use a unique zeppelin and include complete information you want to share there. Zeppelin is able to be used outdoor and indoor. In some cases, it is not only used for products, services, and company promotion but also for supporting event management.

Creating Creative Video Shooting and Motion

Right now is the digital era where everything is digitized. A popular advertising nowadays that has become a trend is creating an appealing video advertising or motion graphic. This is due to the trend in which people tend to watch videos from YouTube. The main point is to create a creative promotion video, where you can attract millions of viewers to watch and subscribe to your channel. Creating such kind of promotional video is a little bit complicated to do since you need to think about the message you want to deliver to the viewers or your target audience as well as the concept. Where to take the video shooting should be taken into consideration as well.

Creating Creative Display

Promoting your products and services is not always about creating an ad. In fact, you can display the products and services and let people see it by yourself. As long as you can create a creative and attracting display, it can be an effective promotion and even can boost your sales. This is the way how you promote the products and services and sell it at the same time.