With the current trend offered by the Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Exhibitions (abbreviated as MICE) industry, taking meetings or exhibitions outside of your home country may seem like the ultimate way to do business. However, with the realization that there are more than 6,500 different living languages being spoken in 196 countries in this world, you need to reconsider your options. Simply because you are now aware of the complication which may end up being a great burden, and risking the success of your event altogether.

Of course, you are aware that each country owns their own destinations for events and meetings. With this list, you may easily pick one and be rest assured that the city already has international level infrastructure and adequate supporting accommodation as well as other essentials. However, the task of organizing an exhibition does not stop at picking a destination, there is a lot of work involved in the process. Something that can be easily hampered by cultural differences and time zone differences, to name a few.

Expanding your business is as important as breathing, but given the number of challenges, the whole event organizing ordeal can be extremely daunting even for the most experienced key player in the company. So how do we simplify the event planning process and at the same time, ensure the success of our exhibition or meeting?

Step 1: Do adequate research

The answer to this question is, first and foremost, to get yourself a reliable and highly experienced event organizer or exhibition organizers as well as exhibition contractor or booth contractor in the destination country or city where you would like your event to be held. With this globalization era where advanced technology has become more developed, the internet has become a main source of information.

Once you google, you can find plenty of information about companies who are expert in the field. Of course, that is only the tip of the iceberg as there are still quite a lot of things you should do. While majority of you may already have that option kept in mind, some of you may question whether or not it is a guarantee of your event’s success.

You may have experienced that negotiating with booth contractor companies is never an easy task. Now that you are faced with the possibility of having to deal with international suppliers and facilitators, you may get anxious with the future negotiation stage. However, as important as negotiation is, the first thing you must do is understand what you need and what they offer, from the venue and room accommodation to appropriate decoration and health and safety measures.

If it is too difficult to communicate through emails, with the advanced technology nowadays where the chat platform has developed its features for voice message, voice call, and video call, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, BBM, and Line, it is even easier to explain what you need and discuss with them. During this stage it is worth noting that you must also take into consideration of what your delegates or attendees would want to enjoy.

Step 2: Make contact and communicate effectively

When you deal with a facilitator located thousand miles away, you have to find the proper and appropriate way to relay every information you have and need. The most important thing here is to be flexible, and to hire a translator should the need of one arises. Language barriers may still appear despite the fact that many of these stand contractors have dedicated staff that speak English. Sometimes the heavy accent or improper speech pattern dampen the discussion or negotiation process. In this situation, emails will be a better way to communicate.

Once you have come into contact with potential company offering an all-inclusive MICE services, you may possibly enter the negotiation process by closely keeping your check and balances as a guidance. Remember that every country has its own negotiation style, and understanding the culture of the destination country may very well help you in the negotiation phase. While handling event management internationally can be daunting, MICE is one of the most beneficial decisions your business may ever make.