MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Exhibition) may not be a newcomer in the global industry setting. However, it is not until recently Indonesia decided to take part in it and make a series of more organized efforts in order to attract corporate visitors to the country. Under the newly established INACEB, industry practitioners along with the country’s Tourism Ministry work hand-in-hand to improve the competitive value of each of its destination cities, while at the same time promoting the destinations in the global industry.

While the country’s international event services have been progressing positively since the establishment of INACEB last year, the efforts will never be smooth sailing forever. Just like any other industry, the events and meetings industry is just as elusive by nature. The start of a new year typically brings a brand new trend, and as 2017 is almost coming to an end, perhaps it is a good time for industry practitioners to start gathering together to analyze and predict what the future may hold.

Will there be radical changes that force us as players to adjust our game plan? Should each of the destination adopt new technology or build new infrastructure to host international events? Should event contractors Indonesia and event support services companies change its format in the event promotion and event production front? We have compiled a few trends in MICE industry in Indonesia to help you keep up with the dynamic of this incredible industry.

More personalized meeting experience

The traditional meeting typically consists of an incredibly basic design in which attendees come to register before they are allowed to go inside the meeting room. It is then most likely followed with attendees listening to the presenters for the remainder of their stay, and leaving the venue immediately once it is over.

However, these days, even if it is only a meeting or a conference, the ambiance is made more personalized with decorations. A much more personalized meeting design help the participants as well as visitors to be able to drown in the situation. This approach does not only provide both the clients and attendees with better meeting experiences, but also ensures the success of the meeting.

More local and social impacts

Gone are the days where a conference only consists of attendees listening to hours of discussion or lecture. In the voyage area, usually it is designed and decorated with something that engage the visitors or participants, such as games booth, photobooth, wall-of-fame, etc. With this new concept, event contractors Indonesia will be able to facilitate a greater sense of partnership and increases the odds for active collaboration between their clients and attendees. Ice-breaking games and entertainment in the middle or before a meeting or conference might also help release some tension or stress. Especially in a gathering, they will include some local taste. Decorations as well as the entertainment will be integrated with the theme as well as the local icon or taste. With this personal touch, both the clients and the attendees will be able to connect on a level that leads to active participation and greater chance of success.

Unique exhibition concept and meeting spaces

One of the growing trends that clients seek from an event contractor or exhibition contractor Indonesia from the start is the ability to come up with an out-of-the-box concept. Companies are always looking for something that is attractive as well as enganging so that they can draw in a lot of potential customers. A stand contractor is somehow required to be able to build a space that is complete with elaborated setting and interior that match the aesthetic as well as the representation of the company’s identity and products. Those who can deliver great ideas with beneficial agreement is the one being targeted by corporate clients.