When a general topic about travel industry springs to mind, very rarely we will imagine about MICE. Rather than the more specific Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Exhibitions industry, majority of us tend to jump into the fun and leisure part of the industry. For decades, tourism has been one of the driving forces of our country’s economic growth. This contribution undoubtedly brings such positive impact in not only the economic side of the coin, but also the employment for Indonesia.

Yes, with the ever-increasing economic trend shown on the statistics, it is hardly a surprise that the positive impact also spreads to the employment part of the equation. If our country’s tourism sector has been able to prove us its significant impact and contribution towards the economic growth, think about how much bigger the impact would be if we expand our tourism sector and took a more organized and serious effort to generate more capital with it?

Fortunately for us, we no longer have to imagine and talk about what ifs when it comes to that. Simply because our government has established Indonesia Convention and Exhibition Bureau, a specific bureau which was created under the Tourism Ministry with the sole purpose of optimizing the value of our MICE services while at the same time promoting our designated destination cities in order to be able to win the opportunity to host various international events using the infrastructure.

All of the efforts from industry practitioners and facilitators clearly do not go to waste as evidenced from the number of international events the country has won the right to host in the span of a few years. The 39th Pacific-Asia Travel Association Travel Mart event which was held at the Indonesian Convention Exhibition was attended by more than 1,000 delegates from at least 60 countries. This type of international exhibition does not only boost economic growth of the region in the short-term, but also in the long term.

PT. Cipta Pisonindo Internasional, our company provide one-stop services for our clients. With Workshop 88 and CASADe Interior under our roof, we become a superior contractor company specialized in MICE services. That is because our company does not only provide one specific service. Unlike many of its competitors, PT. Cipta Pisonindo Internasional becomes one-stop event service company due to the wide range of event services the company offers and delivers quite impressively.

Let’s start with Workshop 88 Contractor, for instance. As an exhibition contractor Indonesia, we handle each and every single exhibition needs which consists advertising, wood-working carpenter, exhibition design, stage and displays, acrylic, personalized kiosk, event decoration and many more. With its 1,200 sqm workshop area and incredibly modern equipment, PT. CPI is capable of producing bits and pieces which are required by their clients.

Despite being widely known as a stand and booth contractor for its outstanding production, the Workshop 88 team also handles more aspect, like the promotion part of the equation. Not only does this subsidiary of PT. CPI handles the design and production of promotional means, it also takes care of the permit and legal matters as well as placing each of the advertisements at high-traffic locations to ensure success.

Event organizing indeed does not only consist of running the event and managing it during the big day, it also consists of building the creative media to use as promotional means and placing the billboard and banner pertaining to the oncoming event at locations where people will see. Whether it be airport advertisement and billboards or 3D stereofoams and vertical banners, the placement plays such a significant part in the success of the event. The ROTE Creative team, member of CPI, specializes their services in event organizing for MICE services and corporate events.

With this incredibly well-thought out and planned out event management and complete one-stop-service company, there is no question that the MICE industry in Indonesia will be bigger than it is now. And very soon, it will be as dominant as the leisure-sector of tourism.