One of the reasons why companies do not want to create a corporate event is because they have to spend a lot of money. Moreover, it is also time and energy consuming due to the sophisticated preparation. Actually, creating a company event is not only for fun. It has a deep meaning. Let’s learn about the benefits of creating a regular corporate event.

Giving More Value to the Employees
Specific event such as awarding event is a great company event to do. By creating this event, it seems that you give more value to your loyal employees. At the same time, your employees know that you are trusted by them. They realize that they have done something valuable to your company and you respect that. Just do it regularly and you will see that your employees are more productive and loyal than before. The problem is that creating such event is not easy, especially for medium and big companies.

You have to choose the building, the food, the show, the stage, and many more. To show that you really care about your employees you need to create a great and glamour awarding event. Other than employees, some companies usually give award to their suppliers, distributors, customers, and so on. Just consult the theme and the concept of the event to an event organizing company, and their team will help you develop the ideas, along with attracting stage and show. It will be an unforgettable company event anytime the employees attend the awarding event. However, once you have handed everything over to your chosen corporate event event organizer Indonesia, especially those who are specialized in this kind of event, most likely you just need to sit and relax.

Building a Solid Team
It seems that a company event is only for fun but as long as you can manage the event well, it triggers bonding and solidity of your employees. The event can be various. For example, company outing activities can break barriers and walls between groups of employees. Even, it breaks the barrier between leaders, supervisors, and employees. As a result, they can work and cooperate better than before. Just imagine if the supervisors can work just like a peer with their employees. Your company will be more productive and conducive. A meaningful event like this will be useful for all elements on your company. A more conducive and cooperative team will be more productive than those which has a lot of problems inside.

Boosting the Creativity of Your Employees
Definitely, you want to make your employees work creatively for effective and maximum result. It can’t be obtained if they are working under pressure. In fact, creativity has to be triggered. One way to trigger their creativity is by creating a company event. For example, you can let them visit and explore a new environment. Other than they can release stress, in this event your employees have a chance to talk with new people, see something new, and find something new. That way, when they are faced with something that might hinder their objectives, they will try and even find a way to solve it and get through it.

Hopefully, after creating this kind of corporate event, they can share new ideas, and it boosts their creativity. A group discussion may also result in better results than relying ideas only from one or two people. They can also share about their experiences before and let it be an inspiration for other employees.

Boosting Company Morale
Actually, creating a company event is not only useful for the employees itself but also for your company. It triggers positive feeling from the employees to the company. The final achievement is of course the employees’ productivity. But other than that, it can also create an image to the stakeholders circle that your company is a company who cares about their employees/suppliers/customers.

While one company might have their own team to organize corporate events like these and create a company, others might find it easier to just pay a third party to do the thing for them. Our ROTE team is specialized as corporate events organizer, especially in Surabaya. So, if you would like to hold such program, hit our inbox and we will surely help you as much as we can.