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ROTE Creative

Event Planning Services Solution Made Easy: Enjoy A Spectacular Experiences With Rote Creative Production (Rcp) On Your Upcoming Event

We will help you organize, plan and manage any kind of events conveniently by providing all the services you need. Start planning your event with us, and enjoy a spectacular experience with Rote Creative Production for your upcoming event.

Workshop 88 Contractor


As an exhibition contractor company, we design and build all time winning custom exhibition stands, booths, stage, display booth, gate, photobooth or wall of fame and much more for exhibition, conference, etc. throughout Indonesia.

We take care of projects of all shapes and sizes, working with large multinationals to smaller local companies. Our focus is always premium service, whether for a one-off small scale project or six-figure international program. We build from the start to finish, and beyond…

CASADe Interior

Your Solution To Interior Production And Construction Needs Is Here To Help With Your Interior Design And Construction Projects

Casade Interior is our youngest business line with a growing prospect to become one of the best interior contractors in Surabaya. We have been developing to a more mature era where our loyal customers always come back to use our services.