Company outing is an important activity to increase bonding between employees. On the other hand, preparing a company outing is not an easy job to do. It seems that managing the company outing with your own team is impossible to do especially in a very short time. It is better to take a help from a professional event organizer to prepare a great company outing. Try to read the list of company outing idea here as well as the way to handle it.

Social Activity
One way to bond your employees is by letting them do social activity. Although it looks simple, preparing a social activity for a company outing is also complicated. You should arrange the time to do the team building or character building activities, what kind of activity they have to do, the location (whether they do it at one place or move from one place to another), and many more. This preparation will be more complicated for a big company which has a lot of employees. Make sure to discuss like the demography of the participants to your event organizer, like the age, the gender, and so on cause it will affects the type of activity being offered to you. After that, a company like us will be able to prepare the detail, the events, and many more. Usually, we prepare a fun and useful social activity for your employees and your company. However, of course it depends on the purpose of the outing activity or event, the theme, and so on.

Special Dinner
Creating a special dinner or gala dinner with all employees is also a great company outing to do. It is simple but worth it to do especially to make your employees closer to each other. Simple doesn’t mean it is easy to prepare. Make sure the dinner is not like a usual dinner. You have to prepare the best place to make the employees feel comfortable. Think about what kind of foods will suit the employees, the portion, the shows, and including the stage because dinner will be awkward without any entertainment and little games. To make it a little bit easier, you may ask for an event organizing service to event organizer Indonesia. They will be able to give you suggestions on what to prepare before gala dinner, during the dinner, up to until the end of the dinner. You and your employees just need to check whether it suits your needs and enjoy the special dinner.

One of the many interesting company outings you can consider is creating a fun but essential game. Just make sure that you choose games which can increase solidarity, bonding, and cooperation among employees. Usually you will not be able to handle this on your own cause you need to brainstorm on what kind of games you would like to play, the rules, as well as the rewards for the winners, the system of the game, and so on. Make sure the values as well as the purpose of that game is easy to understand. So, your outing is not just an ordinary outing but the employees achieve something after the outing activity especially for their working activity.

Outdoor Sports
Doing specific outdoor sport is what companies usually do for character building or team building activities. There are several outdoor sports you can choose for your employees to boost their solidarity, unity, bonding, and positive attitude. You can let them play kayak, canoe, or many more. Just find the best beach to do it. Don’t involve yourself in a complicated and time-consuming process. Make a simple one but has a really meaningful values for the participants. How about the outing preparation? Usually you will need a third party for this. What they need to know is about the goals you want to achieve in creating the outing or outdoor sport event as well as the values you want to deliver to the participants. Then, let their team do the rest and translate it into a game.

Just imagine how hard to organize hundreds of employees in an event. You need more team to run the event successfully. Discuss your plan with us and everything will be under control. We have team in ROTE who will help you become an event organizer for your corporate events in Indonesia because that is our team’s specialty. We can help you organize company outing activities and formulate the training you would like to give to your employees.