Attending exhibitions and trade fairs seems to be a vital marketing strategy for most businesses and private firms. Hence, it is very crucial that the design of the booth to be used in the trade show helps the clients to get enough attention from the customers.

Irrespective of one’s business, however, an exhibition booth at one of these exhibitions or trade shows may be beneficial as it adds to your marketing approaches and potentials while your business gains greater exposures. Evidently, it is the appropriate time to engage prospective clients and customers since the booth that one uses for the exhibitions will leave an evergreen impression; one of the reasons why the booth needs to be of great quality and design as it says much about your business. Just like the popular saying; First impression lasts longer and you might have only that opportunity to talk to certain clients.

Trends change every time. Also, they change in terms of what today’s generation prefers; both in designs and layouts. Consequently, the exhibition booth design should incorporate many of the new ideas that are surfacing today. The design itself needs to refer back as well to the target market or visitors. For example, if one wants to engage to younger generations, especially the millennial generation, considering the current trend, it would be a great idea to incorporate something that is instagrammable in the booth.

Against all notions, there is no such thing as a general booth; hence, the designers must ensure that they come up with a customised design for every client. This is particularly useful for initial plans and drawings, as well as the final booth with its associated products such as posters, signs, logo, and similar items that will complement the bigger structure of the booth.

Any exhibition stand is the output of some factors, and business that strikes the correct path are often the ones that have factored the right balance. While you plan the creative features of your exhibition, some of the factors to consider in order to take a bit of the guesswork out of the equation include:

  1. Lighting

This is one of the most important elements to consider if you want to have an amazing trade fair or exhibition. While the lighting at the venue will certainly be managed by your event organizer or event contractor, you should not only check if your stall is perfectly lit but also take further steps to build a positive and bright ambiance. In most cases, some pavilions are lit with dowlights and LED lights.

In addition, investing in lighting of your own is one of the greatest ways to brighten up and even add extra colour to your exhibition display. Some designers do use it to strategically draw attention to significant facets of your stall.

  1. Choice of Wall/Background

The background is important to build the correct impression. It can turn people away or draw them nearer, so you must understand how to use the appropriate accessories that will match your display. You should apply pleasing contrasts and unique colour combinations to make your booth stand out. Contact your exhibition contractor and ask if they can create a unique backdrop using outstanding textures.

  1. Dimensions

When you have the freedom to design your own booth, you might have a slightly taller booth model than normal. Most booths come in the normal 3 until 4 metres. However, if you want your contractors to design a taller booth, for example, 4.5 metres, not only will you outrank your competitors but also have your logo and branding much higher than anyone. This implies that your booth will gain more attention all over the venue.

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