During late November until early December, it has been a tight schedule for CPI team. With a lot of projects on our hands even until the end of November, fortunately we could manage successfully in organizing one of the biggest events that we handled this year. It was an event where coffee lovers and soccer fans took participation in making the event more successful than ever: Kopi Singa – FC Barcelona event which was held in Ciputra World, Surabaya. The event was held for 3 days on December 1 – 3, 2017.

During the preparation of this event, all team from ROTE Creative as well as Workshop 88 poured their hearts out to make sure the event ran smoothly. The ROTE team focused on the event production, event planning, and event organizing, while the Workshop 88 team focused on the event construction. Starting from one week before the event, we worked really hard to make sure our clients are satisfied and the booth construction was finished before the event started running.

The booth design consists of: selling booth, lounge, main stage, games booth, and photobooth. There were 4 selling booths; each has different concepts: a selling booth with a concept like a house decoration, a selling booth with a concept like an office decoration, a selling booth with a concept like a cafe decoration, and a selling booth with a concept like a garden. All of the concepts symbolize that Kopi Singa (Singa Coffee) can be consumed everywhere: at the office, at home, at the coffee corner, or even outdoor at the park.

Booth Selling (Cafe Concept)

Booth Selling (Office Concept)

Booth Selling (Garden Concept)

Booth Selling (House Concept)

The design of the lounge is very unique with complicated pillars. Meanwhile, the photobooth looks like a locker room at the soccer stadium. On the other hand, the main stage is designed like a football field with the green ambiance.

On the 1st and 2nd day of the event, the activities were mostly focused on selling activities. Here, Kopi Singa (Singa Coffee) sold their products with a lot of product packages. In spite of selling activities, there were a lot of children interested with the games at the venue as well. The games were mostly related to soccer, so many children wanted to play it. The crucial day was the 3rd day (Dec 3rd 2017), when Ronald De Boer, a Barca Legend were coming to the event for an exlusive Meet & Greet with Kopi Singa’s loyal customers who had won the contest held by Kopi Singa.

Other than a form of gratitude towards Kopi Singa’s loyal customers, this event is basically also a chance for both Kopi Singa and FC Barcelona to show to the world, especially Indonesian people about their partnership contract. In other words, this event marks the beginning of their partnership.

We are very thankful with every hard work and sweat that have been given by all team involved in Kopi Singa – FC Barcelona event this month. The Workshop 88 team has done a good job until everything ran smoothly and there was no problem with the construction. Once again, Workshop 88 team has proven their quality as one of the best exhibition stand/booth contractors in Indonesia. On the other hand, ROTE team has also proven its service quality as an event organizer Surabaya through the promotion, the event concept and ideas, as well as the execution of the event. It has been their specialty in handling corporate events in Surabaya.

Kopi Singa (Singa Coffee) and FC Barcelona team have expressed their gratitude towards the success of the event and all the hard work we have done. With the year ending soon, we are very proud that we have stepped up our game. We are looking forward for the year ahead in the next year.

Here is the sneak peek to the event!