When you’re joining an exhibition, booth is a representation of your company. From the exterior until the interior of the booth, it is a must for you to create an interesting and unique look. Show something special that is attention-grabbing so that once visitors come in and pass the aisle, your booth will stand out over the others.

1. What Kind of Company

You might want to show off what kind of company you have or in what industry your company is. To get this way, you can apply certain icons on the exterior of your booth. For example, if your company is a property developer, you can make a booth with cranes in the exterior. Another way to do this is you can make a booth that looks like a house. Another example in favor of this is let’s say your company is a port company. You can have a lighthouse on your booth or maybe you can put container look on your booth. A milk company can have a windmill look in their booth. That way, your booth will get people’s attention and they will be in awe because of the uniqueness. In other words, make people understand a little bit of your company from the booth or stand design.

2. What Your Company Want

You might want to apply something classic, modern, or futuristic in the concept of your stand. In another case, you might want to use certain materials to build the booth. The representation of colors that represent your brand might also play an important role in the stand design. Communicate all those details to the designer or the contractor. Do not be worry if you do not have any idea about how the booth you want to look like, a professional stand contractor or an exhibition booth design agency in Indonesia will be ready to be of service based on your needs and wants in your exhibition or expo.

3. Trying to Exhibit Your Products and Services

The main function of exhibition booth is to promote your company, products, and services. In a manufacturing exhibition for example, exhibitiors will bring their products to the exhibition hall and show their products on display, including those big and giant machines. Sometimes, without diplaying the products, people have no idea how it works or the function of it. Thus, it is important to have at least a miniature of your products and put it in the stand where people can see and touch it.  Exhibiting your produts and services will be an added value for the booth itself.

4. Supporting the Booth with Technology

It seems incomplete if you have a booth without the touch of technology, especially right now when the millenium era and tehcnology era has been increasingly getting more advanced day by day. Definitely, it is another complicated job to do and again it is not just about installing lamps on your booth. It must have an art or aesthetic touch. Some companies might want to upscale a little bit. Instead of using TVs to play the video of their company profile or commercial video, they use LED or videotron and put in the booth. Some companies go even more extreme by putting it in the top area of their booth so that people from afar can see it. Of course it should be accompanied with a good sound system so that other people can hear the music played from afar as well. Another company might go even higher to the next level with bringing a simulator where people can try and operate it by themselves.

Creating an artistic exhibition booth which represent the company to the maximum value is not an easy job of course. Sometimes a good stand design could be inapplicative when we try to develop the construction. Therefore, the more complicated the design, the more time is needed to develop the booth construction.

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