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We help to elevate your event to the next level

Event Organizing

Planning and managing events through spilled creativity that is expressed in our concrete work to help you reach the purpose of your events

Exhibition & Stand Contractor

Building outstanding stand or booth construction with complicated design through service excellence

Interior Design & Services

Beautifying the look and ambiance of your room, shop, etc. to advocate the coziness in doing your activities

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Customer Review

“Thanks again for the work you did for us. We picked Workshop 88 by chance for the recent 2016 Sugartech Exhibition in Grand City Surabaya. Tommy was always very accommodating to our needs and wants. He understood that we did not have a lot in our budget for the exhibition, but he and his team managed to include most of what we wanted. We were also pleased with how relatively quick they responded to our inquiries and requests.”

Mrs. Titin

Bosch Rexroth

“Dear Mr Pujiono, Mr Surya and the CPI Team, On behalf of Jordi and the Barca team, I want to congratulate Kopi Singa and CPI on the success of the Legends Event between Kopi Singa and FC Barcelona last week in Surabaya. We truly understand that a lot of hard work and a significant amount of time was put in by all the staff members into making this event running smoothly and successfully. I hope to build on this and enable Kopi Singa and FC Barcelona to continue liaising smoothly and prosperously. Once again from the Barca team, thank you for everything.“


FC Barcelona

“good morning pak tommy!! 🙂 we had a great event in jakarta on wednesday! thank you for your assistance throughout the whole journey! 🙂 without your help, my sponsors and W.Media itself wont be able to have great booths.“

Miss Sok Teng

W Media Malaysia

“Workshop88 Service Is Really Good”

Grocerry Bangkok Thailand

Mr Beer

Award Winning